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This page is all about requently asked about doing business with Oregon Motorcycle parts.

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Why don't you make a regulator for the old Honda singles and twins?

Change that, I now have a voltage regulator / rectifier unit that works great on the these old bikes. This unit is built by an outside supplier to my specs but it's a great part that I'm happy to put my name on... See the VRRPM2-H on the regulator/rectifier PM page.  There are a few things to consider before buying one. First are you running any electrical accessories that cannot handle a voltage spike over 14.5 volts?  If all you are running is the stock lighting, this unit is only an optional item, but if you've added a radio, electronic ignition or a GPS, a unit like my VRRPM2 is a necessary addition to your bike.

Do special orders cost more?

For the most part they're the same price and only take longer.  If I have to use a lot more wire or get some special connectors I do not normally have, then there will be a small additional charge
Why don't the parts you sell look like the ones that came on my bike?

The parts I sell are of my own design and construction.  Currently I cannot make parts that look like the ones from the OEM supplier in Japan and I'm not all that interested in duplicating the looks of the OEM parts anyway so I settle for making parts that work better much better than OEM. 

If you don't like how my parts look, then perhaps they're not for you...
What if I'm in a bad mood want to and take it out on you?

What are the limitations on the guarantee? 

There are no special terms to the guarantee on my parts (except on VRRPM series units we have made for us) but I expect them to be installed correctly as per my instructions.  Failed parts will be repaired or replaced at my discretion. 

On all VRRPM series units the warranty is a no BS 2 years but like other parts we sell, you must got though the diagnostics with us before sending it back.

Before returning any parts you need to eMail me and let me know you are having a problem. I'll help you check it out so we know for certain that it's the part and not something else.   Parts sent back to me with no previous arrangement, will not be worked on and you will have to pay return shipping to get them back...

I reserve the right to void the warranty on parts that have been modified.  I pay return shipping but only if the shipping of the replacement / repaired part is in USA only.

The guarantee is not transferable from bike to bike or from person to person.  How will I know if the part has been used on more than one bike?  I won't, so I trust you to be as  honest with me as I am with you.
What is your return policy?

Returns for warranty or exchange, no problem...  If you bought the wrong part, I'll work with you to get it straightened out.

On the other hand if you just decide you don't need it, we charge a 30% restocking fee and you must contact us within 60 days about your intent to return the part.  If you installed it or modified the part in anyway, it's yours don't bother sending it back there will be no refund. If you do send it back, you will have to pay return shipping to get it back...   If you think this is harsh, ask your local Chevy dealer parts department what their return policy is...

No returns on custom or special orders.  That includes all VRREM series regulator rectifier units.  If you're not sure you want it, don't order it...
Do I have to use on line payments to buy from you?

I accept money orders and cashiers checks by mail. Click here for our mail order form. 

Please do not send cash... If it's lost, well there's nothing I can do about it.  The few people that have sent cash have all gotten their parts but I consider them lucky that their payment got to me.  

If you send me money with no letter or mail order form telling me what it's for, I will consider it a gift and not think twice about it...
Do you have other bike parts?

For the most part what you see is what you get.  I'm always looking for new stuff to add to my line but business growth is moving glacially slow.

Sometimes I have used parts off a project bike but unless you're interested in old Yamaha XS1100's, It's unlikely I'll have it...
Are the shipment insured?

Usually but not always. USPS seems to change shipping policies at the drop of a hat.  Currently all domestic shipments are insured and I cover what USPS doesn't so if you buy something expensive from me and don't get it, I assure you I will send you another one (once I confirm it's lost.)

Some overseas and Canadian shipments are covered.  Ask if you're conscerned about it.  All express shipments and shipments to Australia and New Zealand are insured. 
Why have your shipping prices gone up so much.

I hear you but I'm at the mercy of USPS and their rates have gone up like crazy over the past few years.  I used to regularly ship overseas but I've lost more than 90% of my overseas sales because of it.

My handling fee to cover packiing materal and gas to the post office used to be a dollar but with as high as the shipping rates are, I only carge a few cents over actual costs...
Why don't you have your phone number on your website?

I tend to keep odd hours and I'm often asleep when people want to call.  Also I can talk about bike stuff all day and when I do, I don't get any work done.  Feel honored if I share my phone number with you and please do not share it with others.  It works much better for me to answer questions by eMail...

These days I have 2 eMail address and I can also be reached though Facebook.  There's always a way to get your question to me...
 Can your products be used with Anti gravity or lithium batteries?

Yes and no.  I do not support the use of AG or lithium batteries that require a lower than standard charging rate of 14.5v with any of our regulators or regulator/rectifier units. 

Some less scrupulous sellers are peddling alarm system batteries for use on motorcycles.  These require a reduced charging rate and even if the charging rate is capped at the lower voltage, they don't last long on bikes.  We would rather you use a regulator from someone else than be upset with us when your AG battery splits open or lithium battery catches fire...

I may just be old fashioned but I only see lithium batteries as practical solution on certain racing bikes.  I won't fully endorse using them until Ford puts them under the hoods of their F150's...
Don't hesitate to eMail me for tech support at

I can also be reached though or from our Facebook page.