Note:  We ship by USPS priority mail.  Orders over $75 include insurance.  Overseas orders over $75 are shipped by
express mail so they can be insured.  
Many companies do not guarantee electrical parts.   I don't like taking a risk buying a part without a guarantee
and I don’t think that you should have to either.   I guarantee my rectifiers and voltage regulators not to fail
because I want you to be assured that these rectifiers and voltage regulators are the best available.

In the unlikely event of a failure, mail it back and I'll replace (or repair) it, no arguments, no hassles and most of
all no BS.  I build my parts from the best components and I have full faith that they will out last the rest of the
bike.  See my
FAQ page for more information.
Shipping rates have gone up again
(And this time it's bad)

Do to items going missing in shipping all domestic orders over $75 have an additional charge for insurance.  

Anywhere in the USA $8.50
Shipments over $80 require insurance and that raises the cost to $12.95

$28.00 to Canada
$38.00 to most everywhere else

Insurance is required on all international shipments over $50 and to
Australia and New Zealand.  This brings the cost to Europe to
$62 and $64 to Australia and new Zealand

All orders shipped by USPS priority mail unless other arrangements are made in advance!
The VRRPM series rectifier / voltage regulators for bikes with a permanent magnet alternator are made for us by another
manufacturer to our specs.  While these units are very well made and designed to our philosophy, we cannot cover them
with the lifetime warranty.  All of the VRRPM series units will carry a no BS 2 year replacement warranty
Important notice. It seems that we are having problems with gMail and HotMail messages bouncing back
to the user.  I can assure you that we are up and running and I'm working on the problem.  Until then, if a eMail to us
bounces back, try  I will be monitoring this eMail account daily until I'm sure this
problem is resolved...

Also our site was down for 4 days because of a web hosting glitch.  I can assure you we were never in threat of going out of
For the past several years I have refused to have a minimum order.  With the higher cost for postage and credit
card processing fees, we are loosing money on small orders.  From now on all orders less than $15 will
have $10
added to the shipping
.  If you want to make a small order, mail orders will not have a minimum order...