5, 6 and 7 wire rectifers
Without voltage regulation built in
5 & 6 wire Rectifiers The rectifiers on this page are suitable for all bikes that take a 5 wire rectifier and do not have a built in voltage regulator.  Consult a repair manual for your bike to see if your bike uses a combination regulator/rectifier. 

The rectifiers on this page are Not for DOHC Honda fours.  A combination regulator / rectifier for the 1979~1983 DOHC Honda 750~1100 can be found on my EM (electro magnet alterantor) regulator / rectifier units page.

All the rectifiers on this page are rated rated at 55 amps constant use.  Most OEM 5 wire rectifiers are only rated at 18 to 22 amps.  All the rectifiers on this page have 5 wires except where noted.

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This and all R255 series rectifiers mount on a single 5mm stud, is 48mm square, 40mm thick and comes with a stainless locknut and washers.

The R255a universal fit rectifier comes with a set of 5 bullet connectors and with enough heat shrink tubing to complete the installation.  The wires are 10" long.  Longer wires are available on special order, eMail for a time frame and price on special orders.)

R255a Rectifier
R255a-H Rectifier
For 1969 ~ 1978 Honda SOHC in line 4 cylinder bikes (except the CB750 Hondamatic)

RH-1H - Harness Repair Kit for 1969~1978 Honda Fours.


This is  to replace a melted or otherwise damaged plug on the wiring harness on your bike where the rectifier plugs in on SOHC Honda fours. 

It can also be used to convert the early CB500 with the obsolete round pin type plug to take the later rectifier used on all the other SOHC fours up to the 1978 models. 

The RH-1H repair harness comes with a mating plug for the rectifier above and 6" of heavy duty wire color coded to your bike, 5 wire splices and enough heat shrink tubing seal the connections.

R255a-H7 Rectifier - For 1975 ~ 1978 Honda Goldwing and CB750 Hondamatic.

Includes an aluminum mounting plate and 2 stainless steel screws to install it...


This item is often out of stock and will have a 5 to 7 day lead time before shipping.  It's best to eMail us before ordering if you are in a hurry...
R255a-SGT - for 1970~1977 Suzuki GT 2-stroke triples: GT380, GT550, GT750 and RE5 Rotary engine bikes.


Note: The 2 rectifiers below are for Kawasaki 400 and 650 that have 3 yellow wires from the alternator.
If the stock rectifier on your bike only has 2 yellow wires, you need a unit that has a built in regulator for permanent magnet alternators and this part will not work on your bike.  (See our Regulator/Rectifier units PM page for this part...)
R255a-KZ650 rectifier for early Kawasaki KZ650



Because of the angle the picture was taken at, it looks like these parts have only 2 wires but they do have 3 yellow AC input wires...
R255a-KZ47 - The rectifier for the early KZ400 and KZ750 twins is almost the same as the above unit but has a slightly different wiring configuration.  Use the button to the right to order this part. 

R255a-Y650T rectifier for - Rectifier is for Yamaha 650 twins (XS1, TX650 and XS650) that originally came with a
separate rectifier and voltage regulator. This is a plug and play part for these bikes.

This rectifier is shipped with 5" leads and male plug like the OEM plug but with a locking tab.   A new female locking type plug is included for the wiring harness.


Note: the rectifier in the picture has yellow wires with white marker stripes but we have long since updated this model to have white AC input wires...
Repair Harness for the Yamaha 650 twin rectifier.

The R255a-Y650T rectifier already comes with a 6 prong plug for the harness with a set of terminals.  This option swaps out the terminals for a repair harness kit with 5" leads, butt splice joints and enough heat shrink tube to seal the repair.

Model R255a6
6 wire Rectifier


The R255a6 rectifier is a universal fit 6 wire rectifier like the one at the top of the page but it has an additional set of diodes for a half wave positive output for bikes that require this.  It is sold in kit form as a universal fit rectifier (with enough heat shrink tubing to complete the job.)  Like the 5 wire rectifiers on this page the AC inputs wires are Yellow, red is positive and black is negative.  The sixth wire from the 1/2 wave positive section of the rectifier is blue

On request it can be shipped with bullet connectors installed for no extra cost.

Any of the bikes that normally use a 6 wire rectifier like this that can use our 5 wire rectifier instead when used with our VR3-U or VR3-YRD voltage regulator.
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