Voltage Regulator/ Rectifier Units
For bikes with permanent magnet alternators
The VRRPM series rectifier / voltage regulators are made for us by another manufacturer to our specs.  While these units are very well made and designed to our philosophy, we cannot cover them with the lifetime warranty.  All of the VRRPM series units will carry a no BS 2 year replacement warranty.
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The VRRPM2 is for all permanent magnet alternators equipped bikes that have 2 AC leads from the stator.  This unit is only for bikes with 12v electrical systems. 


This regulator/rectifier unit is for bikes with 2 AC leads and early Honda singles and twins with a split charging
coil (see article 4 on our FAQ page.)  Max charging is set at 14.5v. 

It measures 65 x 95 x 38mm thick. The mounting holes are 80mm center to center and it may require some custom mounting on your bike.  It comes equipped with 11" leads and the hardware and connectors shown in the pic below.

All Honda singles and twins up through 1978, Kawasaki KZ400, KZ650, KZ750 twins, H2 triple, KH triples (but not
all years, ask if you're not sure) Suzuki T and GT two stroke twins and many others.

It can be used on all 1970s and older BSA, Triumph, Norton and other British bikes with a 2 wire stator if converted to negative ground.

Ask if you're not sure it will work on your bike.

Want one with a dark green ground wire for use when custom wiring a pre1978 Honda single or twin? Click the button below.

This unit is for mid years models of the KZ650 four and late model   KZ400, KZ440 and KZ750 twins. 

The VRRPM2 series regulator / rectifiers are designed to be a very heavy duty unit for any bike that they are sold for.  The pictures above were taken side-by-side with a OEM unit off a KZ650.  This unit will require a little custom mounting since the mounting hole spacing is wider...
For bikes with permanent magnet alternators with 3 AC leads.

There will be models for at least the following bikes.  Most Yamaha, Kawasaki and Suzuki fours through the 1980s.  There are too many models to list them all here

VRRPM3S, a smaller version of the above VRRPM3.

This unit is for bikes with 3 AC leads from the stator.  We managed to get the same regulator as with
a larger unit about into a smaller package by pairing it with a slightly smaller rectifier.  Because of this, we only recommend this for bikes up to 650cc.

Max charging is set at 14.5v.  This unit measures 45 x 70 x 30 mm thick with 11" leads (about 24cm.) The mounting holes are slotted to fit on more bikes with less custom mounting.  Like with the above unit, mounting hardware, bullet connectors and a ground loop are included.

This unit is great for bikes like the GS400, GS450, GS550, GS650, KZ550, and many others.


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