2, 3 and 4 wire rectifiers
The rectifiers on this page are suitable for all bikes that take a 2, 3 or 4 wire rectifier and do
not have the voltage regulator built into the rectifier.
Many of the old bikes (built before the lights on laws were passed in 1975) ran a balanced
charging system and if you run them with the lights on all based rectifiers are about 7% more
efficient than the old selenium based rectifiers (used in the 1970s and earlier) will do a better
job of keeping the battery charged.  
All Oregon Motorcycle Parts rectifiers are capable of
taking a voltage spike 5 times greater than your bike can make without damage.
Examples of old OEM style rectifiers are shown at the bottom of this page
This model is standard with 5" leads
and works on both 6 and 12 volt
charging systems.

CB, CL, SL, XL 250, 350, 450,  and
others ( Most CB, CL SL and XL
models use the same rectifier.)

Generally Hondas up to 200cc have a
male plug on the rectifier and 250cc
and larger Honda twins have a female
plug except for the SL350 that has a
male plug on the rectifier.
42 Amp Rectifier

For 1960s and 1970s
Honda twins and singles
Model R42a1
This one has 12" leads and a female plug.  It's intended for the CB,CL and
CJ360 and the CB500T.  It can also be used on any bike that takes the R42a1
rectifier where you need more wire length to relocate the rectifier.

Model R42a1-L
The rectifier in the picture on the left is for Honda twins and
singles that have a male plug on the rectifier and 5" long wires.

For CB, CL, SL 100, 125 175, 200, 1974 and later CT90 and
others.  Also fits on some years of the SL350.
Honda used different configurations for rectifiers that used this plug so I ship it with
the terminals installed but not pushed into the plug housing.  Installation instructions
are included.

Model R42a1-m
42 Amp 3 wire Rectifier
with Screw connectors

Model R42a2
This rectifier is for the bikes with a 3-wire rectifier.  The OEM 3-wire rectifier is not what it appears to be.  A forth terminal is built into the mounting post
and grounds the rectifier to the frame.  To service these bikes I add a removable ground wire so it can be used for either positive or negative ground and
screws terminals.  The terminals are color coded for easy installation and the screws thread into the terminal post and are locked and are secured with a
locknut (1 extra, screw, locknut and washer are included.)
Illustrated installation instructions are also included.  

It is particularly useful for Honda Dream models CA95, CA72, CA77, CB72 & CB77 Hawk, CL72 & CL77 Scramblers (but can be used on all Honda twins
and singles up to about 1977 and some later models.)  With the ground wire moved to the positive post, it will work on many 1950s~1970s British bikes.  
42 Amp 3 wire Rectifier
with bullet connectors

This rectifier is for various 1960s Honda and other motorcycles that take a 3 wire rectifier that grounds through the mounting
screw.  It comes with 8" leads and works on both 6 and 12 volt charging systems.
Send me an email letting me know if what terminals you need.
Model R42a3
Do you need one of these with longer leads?   Click the button on the left to order the
same part with 18" leads for only a $1.50 more.

Model R42a3xL

Model R42a-CT
series Hondas that take a 4 wire rectifier has
a red positive, green ground and 2 yellow AC wires.  

terminals on all 4 leads. It works on both 6 and 12
volt charging systems.   When installed, the pink wire
from the wiring harness will plug into one of the
yellow wires on the rectifier.
Same as the rectifier above but with a
female connector on the green wire.  

Some of the CT series Hondas were
wired like this so be sure and check
before ordering!

Model R42a-CTf
42 Amp Universal fit Rectifier
Included with it are a ground wire and 3 female terminals.

Model R42a
This is one of my universal fit
rectifiers on a 1966 Honda
305 Dream mounting bracket.

Honda: Most 50 through 90cc models, CT90, CT110, CB100, CB125, CA150, CB160, CB100, CB175, CB200, CL72 & CL77 Scrambler, CB72
& CB77 Hawk, CA72 & CA77 Dream, CB350, CB360, CB450, XL125, XL175, XL250, XL350.  (CA, CB, CL SL and XL models all use the
same rectifier.)

BSA Lighting, Rocket, Thunderbolt, Victor 250, 441, 500, 650 and 750.   

Triumph Bonneville, Spitfire, Tiger 500, 650 and 750.  

Norton Atlas, Dominator, N15 Scrambler, Commando, 500, 750 and 850

Replaces all 3 or 4 wire rectifiers that do not have a built in voltage regulator.  For the 3 wire rectifiers you will have to add a ground wire.  Instructions are
  I ran one of these on my Norton N15, BSA A65 and my Honda CL72 all with excellent results.

(To use this rectifier, you will need to add the connector the wires yourself or you can send us your old dead rectifier and we will install your old plug and wires at no additional charge.)

Model R20a
This is a direct replacement for the stock 2 wire rectifier on the H1
Kawasaki.   Also for any bike that uses a 2 wire rectifier.

A pair of new bullet connectors are included to connect it to the wiring harness on your bike

This item is somewhat of a special order item.  Expect a 2 or 3 day shipping delay
from time of order.  Please eMail me for availability.
Like found many
1960s Hondas
Like found on most late
1960's and 1970's Honda
singles and twins.
Like found on most
older British bikes

If the rectifier on your Honda has a pink, yellow and red wires
with bullet connectors and no ground wire or a green ground wire
with a loop on it, this is your rectifier.

Model R42a3-CT
Our 3 and 4 wire rectifiers replace all these OEM type rectifiers.
If the plug for the rectifier on the wiring harness on your
bike is damaged, see the repair harness section on our
connectors page.
No pix yet...
Need one like this with longer wires?  The R42a-CTfXL is the same as the rectifier above but 11" long wires.

Some of the CT series Hondas were wired like this so be sure and check before ordering!

Model R42a-CTfXL
Need a R41a1-M with longer wires?  Then this R42a1-MXL is the
one for you.  It's the same as the rectifier above but with 11" long

Model R42a1-MXL