Battery Eliminator
for bikes with Permanent magnet alternators
These are pretty much a very large capacitor in a heavy duty, sealed plastic case.  Think of it as a quick charge battery that
comes up to full power in 1/3 to 1 rotation of the crankshaft.  Some people report that they need one more kick to get the
bike to fire and other say it's the same as with a battery.  The  BEC2 case is 70mm long and 48mm in diameter.

The BEC2 battery eliminator is rate a 22,000 uF and we recommend it for single and twin cylinder motorcycles.  The BEC4
Magnum battery eliminator further down the page is rated at 44,000 uF and is suitable for triple and four cylinder bikes.

These only work with permanent magnet alternators because they don't hold power long enough to feed an electromagnet
alternator.  This is also the reason these are for kick start only bikes.

Warning: Don't buy one of these thinking it will solve a charging system problem.  The charging system must be in good
working order or the bike won't run with a battery eliminator.
44,000 uF Battery Eliminator for 4 cylinder bikes with a permanent magnet alternator and a kick starter.  
This will not power an electric start.  

It can also be used on any bike the BEC2 will work on without a problem but it offers only a tiny improvement over the BEC2 on the smaller bikes. The
BEC4 case is 120mm long and 48mm in diameter.

Special order only!  We try to keep one on hand and we make another one when that one sells.  So it's possible
that we will have one on hand...

Model BEC4
This is one product that I didn't expect to offer.  In the old days too many bikes had stalling problems and seriously
flickering lights at low RPM when running a battery eliminator.   Because of this I wasn't the least bit impressed with the
idea of using a battery eliminator.  A friend asked me about making these and I expressed my concerns.  Then he asked the
question I didn't think of, could a better battery eliminator be made?  Then he bugged me about it  few more times, so I
thought about it and went on a search for a larger capacitor to use.  I wasn't going to settle for anything less that twice as
much capacitance than the ones I didn't like.  

I not only doubled but more than tripled the capacitance of old battery eliminators I didn't like.  About that time I had 2
customers that really wanted a better battery eliminator so I made a couple for them to try.  I let them ride on them for
about a month before I was satisfied that I had overcome my concerns about these.   I now offer them with my full
confidence that it will work as expected for you..
A partial list of bikes that can use this:  

Most BSA, Triumph and Norton singles and twins up to 1975

All kick start Honda singles and twins up to 1978 and some later models

late model KZ400 and KZ750 twins.

Suzuki GS twins.

If you can stick a wrench to the side of the alternator and have it say there with the engine off, odds are you can use one of these.

Discharging the battery eliminator into a person can be lethal.  Always short the leads of the
battery eliminator together to discharge the capacitor when disconnecting it.  We always
discharge them before shipping so they will be safe to handle
BEC2 Battery Eliminator

Model BEC2
BEC4 Magnum Battery Eliminator
Out of stock
With any luck we will have more by the end of June.

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